Liquid Intercooler Heat Exchanger (CCHE) - 550 HP

SKU: AS060

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If you have a liquid intercooler for your turbocharged or supercharged build, then this is what you need to finish your system. This is the OG of charge air cooler heat exchangers (CCHE) that we’ve been making for over 20 years. It’s a tried and trued work horse that just delivers excellent cooling performance for it’s size.

To keep your charge air temps low, it features 2-rows of big 1″ tubes in a double-pass configuration. To minimize pressure drop to your system, it features AN12 hose connections. Great for up to 550 horsepower applications. Beyond this, contact us for special builds for your cooling system.

It measures 26-5/8″ wide x 7-1/4″ tall overall.