2009 - 2022 Dodge Charger Challenger HD All Aluminum Radiator

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If you’re looking to add some extra cooling capacity to your Hemi powered Challenger or Charger, this is the rad you need. It drops right-in in place of the WIMPY one row radiator. Handles up to 650 horsepower in these cars with ease and accepts the OEM fan shroud and condenser mount.

Note: this radiator is made for Hemi powered cars. It will not fit V6 cars. If you need one for a V6, trade your car in a V8 Hemi and call us back.


– TIG welded .080″ sheet metal tanks to give your Mopar modern styling and super strong longevity. 

– All aluminum construction with a heavy duty 2-row core with 1.0″ tubes (not a 3-row gimmick making outrageous 1000HP cooling claims). Beware of gimmick 2-rows with 1 row of 1.0″ tubes and a second row of 1/2″ tubes! MOST other 2-rows on Ebay are only 2-rows of 3/4″ tubes, not 2-rows of 1.0″ tubes!

– Billet CNC machined mounts that accept the OEM mounts.

– Double-clad headers, fully electric furnace brazed with no epoxy.

The radiators are buffed exactly as shown. The pictures shown are as-is out of the box. Please note it is not a full show quality trailer queen mirror finish polish but can be taken to that level with a minimum amount of finishing.