1988 - 1998 Chevy Truck Aluminum Radiator Upgrade

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This is our all new aluminum radiator for the 1988 – 1998 Chevy trucks that use the 28-1/4″ wide core radiator (34″ overall width) with an overall height of 19″. This WILL NOT fit trucks that use the radiator with a 40″ overall width radiator commonly used in the 1995 – 1998 trucks.

– Die formed tanks to give your ride the vintage style with modern high efficiency cooling technology.

– All aluminum construction with a heavy duty 2-row core with 1.0″ tubes.

– Heavy duty transmission cooler and engine oil cooler

– Billet CNC machined filler neck. A new cap is included. 

– Fully TIG welded construction with no epoxy.

– Upper hose connection is 1-1/2″, lower is 1-3/4″.

– Core dimensions are 28-1/4″ wide x 17-1/4″ tall. Overall dimensions 34″ wide x 19″ high.

– Billet heater return port with plug. 

The radiators is exactly as shown. The pictures shown are as-is out of the box. Please note it is not a full show quality trailer queen mirror finish polish but can be taken to that level with a minimum amount of finishing.