Copper Brass Radiators Versus Aluminum Radiators

Before aluminum radiators were around, the only upgrade from a factory 3-row radiator was either a 3-row high efficiency model or a 4-row. A 4-row added another row of cooling tubes which provided approximately an extra 20% of cooling power over a 3-row. Back 30 years ago, you could roll down to your corner radiator shop and even have him ‘recore’ your factory radiator with an upgraded 4-row core.

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  1. I have a custom built hot rod frame and 500 horse big block chevy. It has an older Walker Z series radiator on it with two electric push fans and an mechanical fan . It has good shroud and new water pump. I have had three different engines in it and they all heat up. The radiator is only about 17 inches wide due to the narrow nose on the body. It is a 38 ford body. I was wondering if you think you could build a radiator to cool this thing.

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